Rifle Rounds from the Late 1800’s!

Awesome Finds! If only these rounds could talk!!

The first round shown was made in Oct. 1880 by Frankford Arsenal for the 45/70 carbine. The second round was made in Dec. 1885. Also for the carbine and also by Frankford Arsenal. This was military issued amo back then and was likely for the Calvary given the length of the carbine.

The last one is a .32 rimfire made sometime after 1882. It was made by Winchester and stamped with an “H” after the Henry. In 1873 Winchester came out with The Boss, one of their best rifles – if not arguably the best to date. This particular rifle was in production for 52 years! When this rifle was first introduced it was made for .44/40 and it wasn’t untill 1882 that the Model 73 was made for .38 and .32.

Being able to fire 15 rounds in 60 seconds was intimidating back then and it’s said that the Model 73 is the gun that tamed the west!

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