Real Treasure Hidden in Utah – Hall's Hauls #1

Real Treasure Hidden in Utah – Hall's Hauls #1

STATUS FOUND – This Haul has been found!
Be the first to find this BOOTY worth hundreds of dollars $$$ hidden in Utah County!

In the city of the misspelled tree
There’s a booty, not buried, on a lot empty
Looking from above will help you plenty
Spot a purple roof, but do it quickly
Be the first to find this booty!

(*Special clue. The purple roof, while purple from above, is actually blue in real life*) Muahahaha

Please film your hunt for the haul so we can post it up on the channel.
Also if you’re willing to let us use your private property as a future location please let us know!

Contact us at or instagram @halls.hauls

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  1. Randall Schut on March 18, 2023 at 6:18 am

    We found it!!!

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