ASARCO Ray Mine in Kearny, Arizona

ASARCO Ray Mine in Kearny, Arizona

ASARCO’s Ray Mine operation is a 250,000-ton-per-day copper ore open pit mine that produces approximately 100 million pounds of copper each year. ASARCO (American Smelting and Refinery Company) was established in 1899 primarily as a lead and silver smelting and refining company. Today, it is primarily a copper mining, smelting and refining company, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Grupo Mexico.
As general manager of the Ray operation, Mike Kotraba is always seeking new ways to keep costs low and improve production throughput. Most recently, the question that plagued him concerned the low-quality copper material that had to be recirculated through the primary SAG (semi-autogenous grinding) mill. What would be the net impact on SAG throughput if the operation could remove the recirculating load from the mill, he wondered.
In less than a month, ASARCO Ray Mine had its answer. Thanks to the use of a KPI-JCI and Astec Mobile Screens SuperStacker, the mine saw increased mill throughput and reduced costs. In the first three months of use, ASARCO has removed approximately 500,000 tons of reject material from the SAG mill circuit, saving the company between $750,000 and $1,000,000. These savings come from: 1) reduced costs (by not crushing and recycling the sub-grade recirculating load); 2) increased SAG throughput (by rejecting the sub-grade recirculating load thereby opening-up additional SAG volume for more fresh feed), and 3) increased copper production (by adding higher grade, fresh feed to the process).


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  4. Troy B. on May 6, 2023 at 6:02 am

    Asarco gets to pay more now, seems all you gheto people upped the property taxes again. The workers complain about no raises for seven years and voted to increase property taxes.With more school taxes. I could see where one day property taxes is the straw that kills this mine. What’s it mean for me I own a 55 acre farm it means on a fixed income I now pay $1900 for property taxes, S1750 insurance If I was to operate the water pumps here the electric would be $3500. a month. Anyone notice how many farms in this area are not farming? My gheto neighbors who live in Grandpa’s house he built valued at like $10,000 which was giving to them, votes to up Property taxes every time they get a chance.How many new homes built from San Maneul to Globe AZ., the answer is next to none. How many new businesses, none. Nobody invest nothing in these areas. Why? Property taxes way to high. Stop voting for more taxe increases!

  5. Peter Tillman on May 6, 2023 at 6:08 am

    Highly recommended for mining engineers and mineral processing students!

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