American Treasures That Were NEVER Found!

American Treasures That Were NEVER Found!

Over the centuries, people have discovered countless treasures of days past around the world. Every year, archaeologists, fortune hunters, and everyday folk find or accidentally come across some valuable stuff. However, even with all the time that has passed, there are treasures supposedly located in the United States that have yet to be found!

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4. Gorder’s Gold
The California Gold Rush took place between 1848 to 1855. Over 300,000 prospectors were part of the phenomenon, flocking to California from all over the world. One of these people was a Frenchman named Henry Gordierr. After finding a sizeable amount of gold, Gordier knew he no longer wanted to keep mining. In 1857, he purchased land in Honey Lake Valley, California and lived out his days as a rancher. Then, all of a sudden, he disappeared, and three strange men occupied the house instead. They told everyone that Gordier went back to France, but when Gordier’s body turned up in the Susan River, police arrested the men. Two were hanged, one vanished. With that last man went Gordier’s $40,000 worth of gold, which now would be worth over $1.1 million.

3. Forrest Fenn’s Hidden Trove
Forrest Fenn was an author, art dealer, and former pilot. After he retired from the United States Air Force, he became interested in owning art galleries and eventually opened Fenn Galleries with his wife. They later sold the gallery after Fenn’s retirement. When he became terminally ill, Fenn decided to hide a chest full of jewelry, gemstones, rare coins, and gold nuggets. He told everyone that he hid the container somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. To give you an idea of how vast that area is, the Rocky Mountains span from British Columbia and Alberta then through Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. As a result, not one soul has been able to recover Fenn’s treasure.

2. The Lost Dutchman
Jacob Waltz was a German immigrant who lived between 1810 to 1891. He is the sole person who knows the location of a rich gold mine sitting somewhere in the southwestern United States. That mine was misleadingly named “the Lost Dutchman’s Mine” though Waltz was German. Most fortune hunters believe that this cave full of gold is somewhere in the Superstition Mountains near Phoenix, Arizona. One popular theory that the mine belonged to members of the Apache Tribe and that they awarded the gold to a man named Dr. Thorn who treated aye-ling Apache members. Though this is an exciting story, historians say it is highly unlikely.



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    Actually the Mexican Army was triumphant after the battle of the Alamo but Texas won the war. Details…

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    The Texans didn’t win the Alamo battle

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    Gosh guys. Please stop makeing videos about the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine. I’m going to say this for the last time before I start beating people to death with their own limbs. Think about it. Why cannot someone find the LDGM??? Are you this dumb and blind??? The United States Government found it years ago during the 1960’s SECRETLY and put a law on the land to protect it from digging in the area due to someone finding it. The LDGM is being protected by the dang US Government and no one can dig it up. Please stop talking about it. Theres no way even if you were Bill Gates to spend Billions of dollars just trying to pay the United States government to dig it up IT’S PROTECTED BY THE US GOVERNMENT FROM BEING FOUND SOO PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT IT AND FIGURE YOUR HORSE’S ASS OUT WHY NOT ONE PERSON CAN DO ANYTHING WITH IT OK BECAUSE IT’S BEING PROTECTED BY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. NOBODY can get to it or touch it. Got it???? Stop makeing stupid videos to say it’s available because it’s not the US GOVERNMENT IS PROTECTING IT FROM BEING FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  32. Clancy Littleboy on November 11, 2020 at 2:35 am

    About the #3 treasure chest at 8:42:    Now that Forrest Fenn has passed on, his "special place in the forest north of Santa Fe" should be revealed.  If you look at the Vallecitos Mountain Retreat website at:    ​               , and look at the photos (select Why Vallecitos, then Photo Gallery) you will see some hints that Forrest mentioned, such as:  some cast bronze bells similar to those that he made and hid; a photo of the Vallecitos Rio, the "water high" in the poem; and a photo of a large rainbow ("the poem leads to the end of my rainbow" from the jacket of The Thrill of the Chase), and if you open Google Maps and look at the grassy area south of the Vallecitos ranch house, you will find a large rock wheel, as in "Try the wheel" that Forrest said to one searcher:          – – – –  The map coordinates of the Blaze where the treasure chest was hidden, a large black painted "nn" on top of a big white boulder) are:    36.6355, -106.2105     – – – – – – – –

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    Captain Kidd’s treasure Oak Island
    Lufthansa good luck trying to find you that money I know where some of those riches went to
    I go from Rags to Riches

  36. Texican on November 11, 2020 at 2:39 am

    the Dutchman’s mine was supposed to me the Paralta(?) mine. it operated for years sending gold to old mexico. the apaches are said to massacred the family and workers as they fled south.
    mules and burros were taken for food. the gold left in braces on the desert floor. it is figured walsh found some of those rotting leather bags of ore and concentrate.

  37. jeff Mcallister on November 11, 2020 at 2:43 am

    Forest Fenn wrote a poem with clues, pretty neat stuff, prob should have mentioned it, Also Montazuma treasure has some cool stories, about utah area , alittle more research would have been cool…..I liked the video thanks

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    I noted 2 glaring inaccuracies in your presentation: 1st, the Shawnee Indians were natives of Ohio; 2d, the Suspicious Mountains are CORRECTLY called Superstition Mountains. I sincerely hope the rest of the information in your video was more accurate than these two whoopses.

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    As of today, Forrest Fenn is still alive. He resides in Sante Fe, NM…

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    Whoever wrote this is an idiot and you should either fire them or fire at them. Pronunciation, spelling, names, places, dates, people and pretty much every last thing you just talked about are so wrong that I ran out of patience after four minutes because I had listed more than a hundred errors. Just remove this video, there is absolutely nothing worth saving.

  44. W Morris on November 11, 2020 at 2:49 am

    Doc Noss… now that’s a story for Hollywood! The federal government leveled that mountain and LBJ stole the loot that included a queens jewelry and Montezuma golden throne and endless amounts of pony express Wells Fargo bags, pony bones included, and the remains of many a men not to mention.,.the ladder was not as pictured but only one rail and the rungs were crossed like a T all the way down. The Governor of New Mexico has to hang an outlaw and in order to get his freedom the outlaw told the governor about the treasure. He swung anyway but the Governor took his young son for only a small person could fit and both disappeared never to be seen again. As doc later told his wife that when he went down the ladder to a landing he found a small set of bones. Further down he found what was an adults set thus doc unbeknownst to himself found the remains of the Governor and Hims boy. The Crown Jewels and throne are in Ft Knox. The gold and silver and coins are in Texas

  45. mike schoolcraft on November 11, 2020 at 2:49 am

    After a cattle drive in Texas a rancher took the gold and silver, put it in jars and buried it somewhere and passed away. His family never found it.

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