A Few Assorted Aguila AZ Mines 06-17-2018

A Few Assorted Aguila AZ Mines 06-17-2018

In the distance, you hear the low rumble of a jet plane heading out west. The wind whistles through ocotillo leaves and cactus needles as the rest of the desert flora sways in perfect rhythm. A chip, chip, chip call of a Gambel’s Quail emanates from a nearby arroyo. High above, you hear the buzz of a bee, wait, now, several bees. A swarm of bees. Oh, it’s just a drone. And I’m not talking about a male bee , but the quad motor drone of the DJI Mavic Air variety…..

While I was on the computer one night, I was checking out satellite images south of Aguila, near the Blue Hope and Black Rock Mine, I could see many other mines that neither me or the “Splorin’ 4×4” club has ever visited. I saved a few of these on my offline Google Map app. While hitting the trails and filming these, I found a few more that weren’t visible on my map.
So here’s the film I created from the video I shot that day. I used a GoPro 6 as a dash cam and the Mavic Air for aerial footage.

Now as I look back, I should have added a minute or so of aerial video of the Jeep being active tracked by the Mavic Air and maybe a mounted a second GoPro on the side of the Jeep.

This video took quite some time to make, like always. Mostly because my obsession of timing the music to match the action on the video. I hope those of you who watch this all the way through, enjoy the selection of music I chose.

For me, this video evokes a feeling of loneliness, solitude, a spirituality, serenity, a rejuvenation, elation, and followed by a yearning for home. Was just I writing about this film or was that some kind of self-discovery? Maybe a little of both? Oh well. Enjoy!

Lost Together by New Wave Sounds
Lights in the Sky by Caleb Etheridge
Salt Light (Instrumental) by Shane Becker
Forever Young (Instrumental) by Emorie
Dark and Light (Instrumental) by Fell from a Star
Flight (Instrumental) by Kevin Graham

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